parallel sessions

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Parallel sessions

A = Main Hall “Aleksis”, T = Seminar Room “Tage”

Wed 24, 2:15 pm

Session A1: “Piracy, theft and fair use”

  • Morey, Justin: The Bridgeport Dimension. Copyright Enforcement and the Simplification of Sampling as a Musical Language
  • Harris, Ainslie: What do consumers want from an ad-supported music download service?
  • Carr, Paul: Fair Use, Grand Rights and the Zappa Family Trust. A legal and ethical examination of the enforcement of restrictive rights by a copyright holder

Session T1: “New dimensions of production and creation”

  • Dermol, Boštjan: Restructuring of music industry 1991-2009
  • Marshall, Lee: The logic of celebrity in the recording industry
  • Ward, David: Using Music Technology Education to teach Communication Skills

Wed 24, 4:15pm

Session A2: “Censorship”

  • Erol, Ayhan: Female Singing and Market Censorship in Islamic Pop Music in Turkey
  • Kirkegaard, Annemette: Censorship in African popular music and the definitions of censorship
  • Ringsager, Kristine: When music strikes up

Session T2: “Internet and social media I”

  • Jetto, Beatrice: The cultural logics behind music blogs as cultural gatekeepers. A typological framework of music blogs sub-genres
  • Galuszka, Patryk: Netlabels – virtual record labels. New players on the music market
  • Nicolau, Michel: The price of the free. The new structure of the music industry

Thu 25, 9:30am

Session A3: “Technology and media”

  • Bennett, Samantha: Revisiting the ‘double production industry’. Equipment manufacturing, consumption and the music technology press in the late 2000’s
  • Flath, Beate: The influence of technology on music reception in everyday life
  • Brusila, Johannes: Marginality of minority music immaterialized. The negotiation of production models among Finland-Swedish musicians
  • Laaksonen, Laura: “Would you like to become a fan?” Exploring social media in b(r)and communication

Session T3: “Internet and social media II” (cancelled)

Fri 26, 10:30am

Session A4: “‘Other’ industries and histories”

  • Merhy, Silvio: Bossa Nova Anniversary at the Navy Base on Villegangnon Island
  • Li, Fangjun: The History of the Chinese Contemporary Music Industry from 1900s to1940s
  • Pietilä, Tuulikki: Concentration of ownership in South African and global music industry

Session T4: “Heavy management and arrangements”

  • Dorman, Matthew John: Goodness in Badness. Notes on the Multiple Identities of Heavy Metal Music
  • Karjalainen, Toni-Matti: The looks of isolation. Visual narration in music industry
  • Ainamo, Antti: Small Groups Go Global. Interlocking of local tendencies and cyclical transformations in the global music industry

Fri 26, 1:00pm

Session A5: “Arranging traditions”

  • Berge, Ola & Johansson, Mats: Who owns an interpretation? Legal and symbolic ownership to Nordic folk music
  • Heinonen, Yrjö: Copyright, Plagiarism and Traditional Cultural Expressions – The Case of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Scarborough Fair’/‘Canticle’
  • Lilja, Esa: Arrangement and the identity of musical composition

Session T5: “Future profession(al)s”

  • Ward, David: Setting up Industry Support for Education
  • Thorley, Mark: Attitudes to IP in the digital age in aspiring Music Producers
  • Nordgård, Daniel: Understanding the digital revolution’s impact on the record industry – present and future

The conference is funded by the Nordic Culture Fund.


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  1. 1 ‘Fair Use, Grand Rights and the Zappa Family Trust: A legal and ethical examination of the enforcement of restrictive rights by a copyright holder’ « Paul Carr Musings

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