conference 2014

Making Music – Producing Sound
the Nordic angle


The IASPM Norden conference wishes to shed light on the working conditions
for musicians and artists of popular music genres within the Nordic
countries. The Nordic popular music scene is an active arena of ambitious
bands and artists striving for success, on a national as well as an
international level. Notably, we would like to excavate and question the
overarching ideological perspectives of reputation, positions and
hierarchies, instrumental incentives like governmental subsidies and
support for education and training, new technologies of production and
mediation and the negotiation of identity and subjectivity.

The conference is divided into keynote lectures, panel debates and parallel sessions. A preliminary programme is now available, and a detailed programme for the parallel sessions will be published on these pages. The conference centers around the following major topics:  

* composing and performing popular music

* cultural politics

* sound and music production

* disseminating and distributing popular music

The first two topics are subheadings for the main topic of the first day;
“making music”, while the succeeding topics are connected to the
ARP-conference and the main topic of the second day; “producing sound”,
with a joint panel on the topic: “Record Production in the Internet Age”.

Important dates: 

* Last possible registration by 20 Nov.

Welcome to Oslo in December 2014!

Hans T. Zeiner-Henriksen, Associate Professor at the University of Oslo
and IASPM Norden chair
Jon Mikkel Broch Ålvik, PhD-student
Birgitte Sandve, PhD-student

This conference is funded by



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