Nordic Researcher Database

IASPM Norden Database of Popular Music Researchers of Nordic Countries

In 2017 IASPM Norden started a project where it begun to gather the contact information of all the popular music scholars in/from Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) as well as the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) that IASPM Norden represents within the head organisation IASPM. Now the database is published online on Google Drive, where all the scholars are invited to find contacts and add/edit their information.

Link to the database (Google Drive)

Tips & Instructions:

The database is generally in alphabetical order according to surnames, but some scholars added later might be found at the end of the list.

All the information collected prior to publishing is in secured cells, accessible only by the administrators (the board). If you wish to add your contact information to the database, you can write a new entry at the bottom where there are empty rows (we’ll take care of the alphabetical order later). If you want to edit your information: if the cell is empty, you should be able to write in it; if not, write the new information as a comment to the cell(s) that need(s) updating (right-click — if using Mac, ctrl+click — the cell and choose “Add comment” ).

If you have any questions and comments, mail to

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