The IASPM Norden Database


On behalf of the Nordic branch of the IASPM, we are inviting scholars dealing with the study of popular music across the Nordic region to contact us and leave their professional details with us so that we can create a public database. The main idea behind this initiative is to map out the key academic (and otherwise) Nordic institutions where popular music is actively studied at any level of higher education (from doctoral level upwards). One benefit of creating such a database is to provide all the information in one place for people interested in pursuing their education in the field of popular music studies. And the other is, more importantly, to facilitate networking and various joint projects among Nordic popular music scholars. We hope that our initiative can offer a possible way out to the increasing financial predicament in academia, especially at the national level. The IASPM Norden is, indeed, committed to the task of creating job opportunities by encouraging its members to raise funds for their joint research projects through the association itself, or simply by serving as a hub where people with similar research (and otherwise) agendas can find a way to one another.

In short, if your research deals in any capacity with the field of popular music, please do not hesitate to get back to me with the following information included (if you have just provided the information regarding applying/renewing membership you can ignore this):

1. Name:

2. Institutional affiliation:

3. Academic title:

4. Contact email address and/or website link:

5. Research interests:

6. Current research project (either the title of it, or a brief description of it in case the title is not self-explanatory enough):

Please note that we are aiming to collect all the information by March 31, 2017.

It goes without saying that we will send you a link to the created database as soon as it has been made public (hopefully until the end of April 2017).

Please send the information to the e-mail address: (Juho Kaitajärvi-Tiekso, secretary/treasurer, IASPM-Norden) 


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