iaspm-header1Welcome to the web page for IASPM Norden, the Nordic branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM). The main goal of the Nordic Branch is to provide a forum for those involved in the study of Popular Music in Nordic countries, to meet and to exchange information. Special interest has been given to the history of Popular Music in the Nordic countries. IASPM Norden was founded on December 8, 1986.

The international parent organisation IASPM is established to promote inquiry, scholarship and analysis in the area of popular music. Founded in 1981, IASPM has grown into an international network of more that 700 members world-wide. On national and international levels, the organization’s activities include conferences, publications, and research projects designed to advance an understanding of popular music and the processes involved in its production and consumption. To build a large and diverse body of knowledge of popular music, IASPM is an organization which is both interprofessional and interdisciplinary. It welcomes as members anyone involved with popular music. To preserve its autonomy, the association remains independent of all commercial and governmental interests.



We are pleased to invite you to attend the international seminar „Popular music – research and resources in the Nordic-Baltic region” on 26-27 April in Tallinn, organized by the Estonian Music Library Association together with the Finnish Music Library Association, the Nordic branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music and the Tallinn University. Please find the program and information about the venues attached. There may be changes in this program. If necessary, we will send an updated program.

Venues and registration forms

The first day takes place at the Tallinn University (Narva mnt 29, Silva building, room S-236) and the second day at the Maarjamäe Palace (Pirita tee 56), Fireplace hall. If you would like to have a hot meal at lunch time on 27 April, please indicate this in the registration form. The fee for lunch will be charged on the spot in cash. (Please note that there are no other restaurants near Maarjamäe Palace – the cafeteria of the Film Museum only serves light dishes.)

Please mark that the two days of the seminar have separate registration forms. When you plan to participate on both days, please fill out both of the forms.

Registration form of 26 April (deadline 11 April https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQOBCFR65ip90fyGB7TUjKy8FbgAsev4xt8M9yCYD5sHnq0g/viewform?usp=sf_link

Registration form of 27 April (deadline 18 April) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeeioCbCvmutwhblxvJk_E2ZN2cTDiZhPnsUt70eT8mdckETw/viewform

NB! The first day registration form is structured according to the requirements of the funding project. It doesn’t mean that the event is organized only by the university, and in the “University, faculty” box, you can enter the name of your library or other institution.


Information about the venues


More information:

Kaie Viigipuu-Kreintaal (IAML Estonia), kaie.viigipuu@tln.lib.ee
Juho Kaitajärvi-Tiekso (IASPM Norden), juho.kaitajarvi@gmail.com (IASPM Norden related questions)


On behalf of the Nordic branch of the IASPM, we are inviting scholars dealing with the study of popular music across the Nordic region to contact us and leave their professional details with us so that we can create a public database. The main idea behind this initiative is to map out the key academic (and otherwise) Nordic institutions where popular music is actively studied at any level of higher education (from doctoral level upwards). One benefit of creating such a database is to provide all the information in one place for people interested in pursuing their education in the field of popular music studies. And the other is, more importantly, to facilitate networking and various joint projects among Nordic popular music scholars. We hope that our initiative can offer a possible way out to the increasing financial predicament in academia, especially at the national level. The IASPM Norden is, indeed, committed to the task of creating job opportunities by encouraging its members to raise funds for their joint research projects through the association itself, or simply by serving as a hub where people with similar research (and otherwise) agendas can find a way to one another.

In short, if your research deals in any capacity with the field of popular music, please do not hesitate to get back to me with the following information included (if you have just provided the information regarding applying/renewing membership you can ignore this):

1. Name:

2. Institutional affiliation:

3. Academic title:

4. Contact email address and/or website link:

5. Research interests:

6. Current research project (either the title of it, or a brief description of it in case the title is not self-explanatory enough):

Please note that we are aiming to collect all the information by March 31, 2017.

It goes without saying that we will send you a link to the created database as soon as it has been made public (hopefully until the end of April 2017).

Please send the information to the e-mail address:
iaspmnorden@gmail.com (Juho Kaitajärvi-Tiekso, secretary/treasurer, IASPM-Norden) 

Popular Music in the Nordic Countries
Study Day at the University of Oslo, September 14, 2017
Call for Papers

On Thursday September 14th, 2017 this year, the Department of Musicology at the University of Oslo will host a study day for IASPM Norden members. The theme of the day is the study of popular music in the Nordic countries. Professor Stan Hawkins will introduce the event, which is co-hosted by the department’s Nordic Sounds: Critical Music Research Group.

We invite proposals in the form of a short abstract/description of what you are studying within popular music research (max. 100 words).

Participants will be selected on the following criterion:

• Topic that fits with the theme of popular music within the Nordic countries (e.g. if you study a specific Nordic band, artist, composer, producer, subgroup, festival, etc.)
• Quality of the abstract / research questions / methodologies
• IASPM Norden-member

Please send proposals as electronic mail attachment in doc/docx/pdf format to organisers Hans T. Zeiner-Henriksen & Áine Mangaoang as soon as possible, no later than March 15, 2017.

If accepted, you will be invited to deliver a presentation (ca. 10-15 min.) followed by feedback and discussion (ca. 15-20 min.) with the other participants. Successful participants will be notified by March 31, 2017.

Provisional Schedule

The study day is provisionally planned to run from 10:00 until 17:30. The schedule is set up so that it is possible to arrive in the morning and leave in the evening. There will be an optional social gathering in the evening for those who are staying in Oslo for the night.


There will be no registration fee and we will offer complementary lunch and refreshments during the event. Travel expenses and accommodation is to be organised by individuals through their own institution.

Download as PDF

Read the IASPM Norden newsletter 2013 by Antti-Ville Kärjä : iaspmn13mletter (pdf)